Client Testimonials

Video testimonials & Interviews

We recorded a series of interviews with some of our past clients to help give you a better idea of the services that we offer and the results that are able to be achieved.

quotes from Past Clients

Some quick quotes and comments from our past clients who are military veterans, RCMP, and first responders that we have assisted to reclaim their physical health.

My main takeaway is don’t be afraid of the commitment that goes along with this. It is 12 weeks and it is every day, but it does have the ability to change your life. And the happiness that you get from it - being pain-free is incredible.

Armed Forces Veteran

Physically, I wanted the very best for myself through my 12 week program. When I went in and did surgery, within 21 days after surgery, I was back at R+P working on strengthening post surgery. It was a very positive experience.

Retired Canadian Army Captain

I wasn’t looking for another military type cookie cutter one size fits all down and give me ten course.

Retired Military Policeman

It was more personal and every day was different.

Retired Master Seaman