Changes at IRP HEALTH

We would like to inform you about changes related to IRP Health.

Dear current and former patients of IRP Health:

We would like to inform you about changes related to IRP Health. These changes are not expected to impact the access to high quality care that you are accustomed to receiving. We’ll continue to offer our services in the same manner that you are familiar with.

What has changed?

Effective Oct 27th, 2022, Pathway Health Corp (Pathway Health) assumed ownership of IRP’s operating assets and as required, responsibility and custodianship for your patient records (which includes your personal health information) was transferred to Pathway Health. Your files will continue to be stored and accessed securely, through an electronic medical record system, in the same manner that they have been.
Pathway Health operates other entities such as: The Clinic Network, Silver Pain Centre, Nature Medic and Slawner Ortho - which provide health related services and products. IRP’s rehab programs will receive additional resources under Pathway Health, which will ultimately allow us to expand our programs and help more participants across Canada reclaim their health and well-being.

What does this mean for your rehabilitation related care?

IRP programs will continue to be provided by healthcare professionals and coordinated by administrative staff. You do not need to take any action in this regard. Clinic staff will assist you, when it’s time for your next appointment or you may call the clinic to make/change an appointment.

How can you obtain more information?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact IRP at the email address or phone number below. You can also visit the websites listed below, for more information about IRP and Pathway’s other services:

IRP Email:
IRP Phone #: 1-778-535-5312


Thank you,

Steven Inglefield and the IRP Health Team

How IRP HEALTH is specializing

We are dedicated to helping our heroes return to work and live a healthy, happy life. Our expansion plans and growth operations are centred around this vision.

Medavie Blue Cross

Our trauma-informed clinic has been designed in accordance with the direct feedback of members of the Veteran community, and we take pride in the consistently safe and welcoming atmosphere it provides.

Pain Management

In early 2021, our already fantastic multidisciplinary team grew further. By adding experts from the fields of Physiatry and Occupational Therapy, we were able to develop our pain management program.

Clinic network Expansion

In order to better serve veterans and first responders, we are currently expanding our reach by opening clinics across Canada. We currently are operating clinics in Ottawa, Comox Valley, Surrey, and Victoria, with locations planned for Halifax, Toronto, and Edmonton.

quotes from Past Clients

Some quick quotes and comments from our past clients who are military veterans, RCMP, and first responders that we have assisted to reclaim their physical health.

My main takeaway is don’t be afraid of the commitment that goes along with this. It is 12 weeks and it is every day, but it does have the ability to change your life. And the happiness that you get from it - being pain-free is incredible.

Armed Forces Veteran

Physically, I wanted the very best for myself through my 12 week program. When I went in and did surgery, within 21 days after surgery, I was back at R+P working on strengthening post surgery. It was a very positive experience.

Retired Canadian Army Captain

I wasn’t looking for another military type cookie cutter one size fits all down and give me ten course.

Retired Military Policeman

It was more personal and every day was different.

Retired Master Seaman